Events for kids

Fribourg Children’s entertainment

Fribourg also has a great line-up of cultural events to keep the little ones entertained.

2016.09 - Fribourg Magical Journeys through Fribourg

17.09 - 30.10.2016
In Autumn, the historic old town of Fribourg and the Auge neighbourhood in particular are transformed into a magical world for few weeks.

2016.10 - Fribourg Circus Knie

It is time again for the Circus! The Circus Knie is on tour in Switzerland and stops in Fribourg!

2016.11 - Corminboeuf bédémania

04. - 06.11.2016
The international comics festival is held every 2 years in Fribourg.

2016.11 - Fribourg Make your own candle!

30.11 - 18.12.2016
Come and make your own candle!

2016.12 - Fribourg Saint Nicholas

Every year during the first weekend of December, the canton of Fribourg honours its patron saint, St. Nicholas with a special celebration.

2016.12 - Fribourg The magic way to the feast of the Epiphany

17.12.2016 - 04.01.2017
Discover the creation of the famous local artist Hubert Audriaz.

2016.12 - Marly Jean-Tinguely Memorials

28 - 30.12.2016
The 22nd edition of the international tournament of the young hockey players will be held at the ice rink Jean Tingluely in Marly.

2017.02 - Fribourg The traditional Fribourg's Carnival

25 - 28.02.2017
The parade: on Sunday in the old town of Fribourg

2017.03 - Fribourg Chicks Fribourg

Exhibition at the Natural History Museum

2017.03-Fribourg Piccolos International Tournament of Fribourg

The Piccolos International Tournament of Fribourg has become an inescapable event in the field of Fribourg hockey.

2017.05 - Fribourg The Dance Party

05 - 07.05.2017
The Dance Festival is held each year in Fribourg and all over Switzerland . Hip Hop, Tango, contemporary dance or folk dances... join the party and choose your style!

2017.05 - Fribourg The Museums' night in Fribourg

Discover and visit various museums of Fribourg during the night.

2017.06 - Fribourg Corpus Christi

In Fribourg, in both the city and the countryside, Corpus Christi is a big celebration. Altars are set up on elaborately decorated altars of repose.

2017.06 - Fribourg Feast and clearance sale of the Romont Street

The feast and clearance sale of the Romont Street take place every year in the beginning of the summer!

2017.06 - Fribourg Les 12h de l'Auge

Tandem race in the old Town of Fribourg!

2017.06 - Fribourg Music Day

It is Summer time and the Music Day!

2017.06 - Fribourg the feast of Pérolles

09 - 10.06.2017
The feast of Perolles take place every year in June.

2017.08 - Fribourg International Folklore Festival

In August of each year the streets of Fribourg are buzzing with folklore groups from across the globe.



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