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Fribourg Across the screen

The Fribourg Museum of the film and television reveals an impressive collection consisting of 300 pieces related to famous movies!

Fribourg Art and History Museum

The Art and History Museum of Fribourg collects mostly artworks and historical objects that are either from the canton or have some connection with it.

Fribourg Bible + Orient Museum

Discover the Bible + Orient Museum !

Fribourg Botanic Garden Fribourg

Founded in 1937, the Botanic garden of Fribourg is the only bilingual botanical garden of Switzerland.

Fribourg Cardinal Beer Museum

Installed in the former cellars of the Cardinal brewery, the museum traces the history of beer and that of a brand attached to the traditional values of the beer-making world.

Fribourg Espace Jean Tinguely - Niki de Saint Phalle

This area pays tribute to two great artist Jean Tinguely and his wife Niki de Saint Phalle. Ideal place for an aperitif. Info

Fribourg Fri Art, Contemporary Art Centre

Fribourg's Contemporary Art Centre Fri Art, mounts temporary exhibitions with experienced artists. Its artistic influence and avant-garde vision have enabled it to acquire an international reputation.

Fribourg Gutenberg Museum

The idea of the Gutenberg Museum is to bring together the history of letterpress printing and communication techniques of the future.

Fribourg Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum houses many magnificent scientific collections and presents permanent exhibitions related to the earth sciences and biology.

Fribourg Swiss Puppet Museum

Discover historical and contemporary puppets made using all kinds of techniques, as well as scenery and accessories belonging to the different cultures of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Fribourg Swiss Sewing-Machine Museum

Located in the centre of the town of Fribourg in a vaulted 12th century cellar, the Swiss Sewing Machine and Unusual Objects Museum presents pieces from around the world, ranging from the sewing-machine to the iron and the mechanical vacuum cleaner.

Fribourg The Chemins de fer du Kaeserberg Museum

Discover the world of the Swiss Model Railway !

Fribourg Archives of the city of Fribourg

A source of inestimable value to understand the life of the city of Fribourg.

Fribourg Cantonal and Universtiy Library

The canton and university library has as main mission to promote the development of the intellectual and cultural life of the canton, to provide aid for the university lessons and the scientific research and to conserve the information of canton values.

Fribourg The State Archives of Fribourg

The State Archives of Fribourg has as main mission to to collect, to preserve, to register and to give access to the public the documents of all authorities, organs, services and institutions of the state of Freiburg which are as a source of information or evidence of interest.

Fribourg Velo-Club Fribourg Museum

A real journey in the world of the cycling thanks to a rich and varied collection.



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