Older Neighbourhoods

Fribourg's medieval inegrity is unique in Europe, maybe even on a world-wide basis!
Coherence is the key word and perfectly describes the way churches, public monuments and the numerous "bourgeois" mansions have been set and preserved along the winding Sarine river. Do take a close look at the wonderful fountains created by Geiler an Gieng.

Fribourg Basse-Ville

The "Basse-Ville" is the name given to the historic old town of Fribourg, with its many churches, convents, bridges and fountains. It is also the birth place of "Bolze", a popular culture and language.

Fribourg The Auge District

The Auge, meaning "a U-shaped valley, a trough", fortified right after the city's foundation displays the Rue des  Forgerons (blacksmiths) as an example of the craftsmanship in fashion back in the olden days.

Fribourg The Bourg District

1157 alive an well in 2011?

Fribourg The Neuveville District

The Neuveville, meaning "the newest town of the old part of town", thrived with water-intensive tanning and textile-related industries surrounded by a fence in the 13th century soon replaced by a fortified wall in the 14th century.



  • Fribourg - Vieille Ville
    Fribourg - Vieille Ville


Brochure Fribourg

Brochure Fribourg Tourisme and Region

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