Les fortifications de Fribourg forment l'ensemble le plus important de l'architecture militaire médiévale de Suisse. 2 km de remparts, 14 tours, 1 grand boulevard.

Fribourg Cats Tower

La Tour des Chats, édifiée dans la seconde moitié du XVI siècle contre le rempart le plus ancien.

Fribourg Teh Gottéron Gate

The Gottéron Gate was part of the first fortification built in the thirteenth century and its present structure dates from the fifteenth century and 1627.

Fribourg The Aigroz Tower

Located near the Cantonal Library, the Aigroz Tower was built at the beginning of the fifteenth century.

Fribourg The Berne Gate

Built between 1270 and 1290, the Bern Gate was heightened in the 1380s and shortly after 1400.

Fribourg The Bourguillon Gate

The Bourguillon Gate barred upper access to the Maigrauge loop and is the only part of the wall made of freestone and quarry stone. The tower was built in the middle of the fourteenth century and raised to a height 14 metres at the end of the sixteenth century.

Fribourg The Dürrenbühl Tower

Built in the middle of the thirteenth century, the Dürrenbühl Tower and its gate barred the passage between the Gottéron Gorge and the Sarine River.

Fribourg The Four-Pounder Tower

The Four-Pounder Tower was also built in the 1410s.

Fribourg The Great Bulwark

The Great Bulwark was built in the 1490s. This early artillery fort, along with the Munot in Schaffhausen (1563), is the only structure of this kind in Switzerland.

Fribourg The Henri Tower

Built at the very beginning of the fifteenth century, this tower is named after the project manager, a Mr. Henri or Thierry.

Fribourg The Maigrauge Gate

The Maigrauge Gate barred lower access to the MAigrauge loop. It was built shortly after 1350, is 4-8 meters high, and, in 1445, was fortified with a small brattice.

Fribourg The Murten Gate

The Morat/Murten Gate was built in the 1410s at the edge of a natural gorge that had been spanned by the fortified Donnamary Bridge in the thirteenth century.

Fribourg The red Tower

Built in the middle of the thirteenth century under the influence of castle architecture, the Red Tower is Fribourg's oldest and most imposing tower.



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    Fribourg - Vieille Ville


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