Fontains in Fribourg

La ville est parsemée de splendides fontaines Renaissance, aux colonnes sculptées. La plus récente, la fontaine de Tinguely, est devenue un symbole du riche héritage artistique et culturel de la ville.

Fribourg Bravery Fountain

The Fountain of is located beside the Cathedral choir. It is first mentioned in records dating from 1394 as the fountain of the cattle market located in front of the former town hall, where it remained until 1840.

Fribourg Fountain of the Baptist

The Fountain of the Baptist is located on the Planche-Supérieure, near the former St. John Commandery.

Fribourg Loyalty Fountain

The Loyalty Fountain, first mentioned in 1404, is located on Rue de la Palme. Today's fountain is typical of Renaissance art practiced from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries.

Fribourg Samson Fountain

The Samson Fountain was located at Place de Notre-Dame until 1958. This Renaissance work (1547) replaced a fountain that had been erected in 1428.

Fribourg St. Anne Fountain

The St. Anne Fountain is located at Place du Petit-St-Jean. Anne is the patron saint of the Fribourg guild of tanners, who lived in the abbey nearby.

Fribourg St. George Fountain

The St. George Fountain was erected in front of Fribourg's Town Hall between 1522 and 1524. It replaced a fountain that had probably supplied water for the Zaehringen Castle, which would explain the choice of the fountain's figure.

Fribourg St. Peter Fountain

The St. Peter Fountain, found in front of the Civic Hospital, is the work of Stephan Amman (1592). Mentioned as "Bornel des Places", it was located on Georges Python Square up to the end of the nineteenth century.

Fribourg Strength Fountain

The Fountain of Strength has never been removed from the charming triangular square at one end of the street called Court-Chemin, where it was originally placed. The statue is an allegory of the cardinal virtue of strength ("Fortitudo").

Fribourg The Fountain of the Samaritan Woman

The Fountain of the Samaritan Woman is located on the street with the same name. Originally made of wood, it was restored between 1402 and 1404. In its present style, it is a typical Renaissance work (1550-1551).

Fribourg The Fountain of the Wild Man

The Fountain of the Wild Man, located near the lower cable-car station, was the last fountain of the Renaissance period (1626-1627).

Fribourg The Tinguely Fountain

The artist Jean Tinguely, born in Fribourg and honored citizen of the city, built in 1984 this memorial foutain to his friend and Formula I driver Seppi "Jo" Siffert, accidently killed in 1971 at Brands Hatch.

Fribourg The Virgin Mary Fountain

The Virgin Mary Fountain is located on Affry Square. Its basin made of Solothurn stone (1839) is typical of the Louis XVI style.



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