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2017.05 - Fribourg La Motta Lido

May - Sept. 2017
La Motta outdoor swimming pool is open from May to September.

Fribourg Art and History Museum

The Art and History Museum of Fribourg collects mostly artworks and historical objects that are either from the canton or have some connection with it.

Fribourg Cantonal and University Library

The library preserves the printed and audiovisual heritage of the Canton of Fribourg. It highlights it by means of temporary exhibitions on themes ranging from manuscripts from the Middle Ages to contemporary photographic collections.

Fribourg Fribourg's Old Station

Converted into a cultural centre, Fribourg's old station contains a concert hall, an exhibition area, a documentation centre and a café.

Fribourg Funicular of Fribourg

Everyone in Fribourg knows the funicular as one of the town's curiosities. The line was opened in 1899 and links the town centre to the Basse-Ville (the lower area of the town).

Fribourg little Train of Fribourg

Spend an hour weaving your way through the picturesque spots of the town of Fribourg and immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere of the Old Town with this guided tour.

Fribourg The City Hall

L'Hôtel de Ville - City Hall - bears late-Gothic traits.

Fribourg The Fribourg Cantonal Bank

The work of world-famous architect Mario Botta.

Fribourg The Morat-Murten Lindentree (Tilleul de Morat)

Set in the City Hall Square, this is a true original sap from the ral lindentree planted nearby celebrating the end of "The Murten Battle".

Fribourg University Miséricorde

The most significant construction in Switzerland in teh late 1930's, a successful synthesis of August Perret's Classicism and Le Corbusier's "New Architecture".



  • Fribourg - Vieille Ville
    Fribourg - Vieille Ville


Brochure Fribourg

Brochure Fribourg Tourisme and Region

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