2014.07 - Fribourg City Card Fribourg

The Fribourg City Card is the card that gives you big advantages when visiting Fribourg! Discover Fribourg and its tourist attractions during 1 day or 2 days depending on the length of your stay and save your money!

2014.06 - Fribourg Le Port de Fribourg

05.06. - 21.09.2014
Enjoy this summer and lay back in the new relaxation zone nearby the river Sarine in the old town of Fribourg, a space with café-restaurant, garden and a stage planned for concerts!

2014.07 - Fribourg Bowls alley in the park of Domino

Do you like to play bowls? then come to the park of Domino, located in the Pérolles district, and try the recently inaugurated bowls alley!

2014.10 - Fribourg Gourmet Tour in Fribourg

12.10 et 19.10.2014
Enjoy a gourmet tour in the city of Fribourg including a 7 courses-menu in different places with local wines!

2014.10 - Fribourg Inauguration of the Poya Bridge

The cable-stayed bridge with the highest span in Switzerland, the Poya Bridge, will be inaugurated on October 11, 2014.

Fribourg Urban Gaming

Découvrez aujourd'hui les teambuilding innovantes sur tablettes tactiles proposés par notre partenaire Urban Gaming.

2014.05 - Fribourg In the Forest of My Heart

Make the connection with the nature by going to the Moncor Forest and discover the site " the Forest of My Heart "! It is playful and especially learnful!

2014.11 - Fribourg Ponteo

20 - 23.11.2014
Before the inauguration of the Poya Bridge, Fribourg celebrates its bridges with Ponteo, a musical creation !

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