Major events

Fribourg 2016 - The Tinguely year

As part of the 25th anniversary of the death of Jean Tinguely an entire festive program will be proposed throughout the year!

2016.09 - Fribourg Magical Journeys through Fribourg

17.09 - 30.10.2016
In Autumn, the historic old town of Fribourg and the Auge neighbourhood in particular are transformed into a magical world for few weeks.

2016.10 - Fribourg International Guitar Festival Fribourg

30.09 - 08.10.2016
From guitar to Sitar, discover the guitar with all its facets!
World, classical, experimental, flamenco or folk? let yourselves be tempted!

2016.10 - Fribourg Race Murten-Fribourg

Race which takes place on the first Sunday of October. This great classic brings together around 10'000 participants every year.

2016.10 - Fribourg Fribourg Trade Fair

07 - 16.10.2016
Fribourg Trade Fair presents more than 200 exhibitors from Fribourg

2016.10 - Fribourg FriScènes

FriScènes 2015 is to see at the College of Gambach and Le Nouveau Monde!

2016.10 - Fribourg Retro-Technica

22 - 23.10.2016
3 fairs under one roof! Retrotechnika, the technical exchange fair welcomes as well the Retrotoys and the Retrovynils in Forum Fribourg.

2016.10 - Fribourg Circus Knie

It is time again for the Circus! The Circus Knie is on tour in Switzerland and stops in Fribourg!

2016.11 - Corminboeuf bédémania

04. - 06.11.2016
The international comics festival is held every 2 years in Fribourg.

2016.11 - Fribourg Better life trade fair

11 - 13.11.2016
Better life is life! The Well-being Fair takes place every year in Forum Fribourg.

2016.11 - Fribourg Blind Dinner

16.11 - 22.11.2016
Live the world of the blind persons by a pleasant supper to the Gutenberg museum in Fribourg.

2016.11 - Fribourg Book Fair

19 - 20.11.2016
The book fair will be held in NH Fribourg Hotel for its third edition.

2016.11 - Fribourg Festivins

19 - 20.11.2016
The 17th edition of Festivins the wine trade fair will take place in Belfaux.

2016.11 - Fribourg Make your own candle!

30.11 - 18.12.2016
Come and make your own candle!

2016.12 - Fribourg Advent Concerts

December in the Church of Villars-sur-Glâne

2016.12 - Fribourg Fribourg Opera

31.12.2016 - 15.01.2017
Fribourg Opera is one of the major musical events in Fribourg

2016.12 - Fribourg Saint Nicholas

Every year during the first weekend of December, the canton of Fribourg honours its patron saint, St. Nicholas with a special celebration.

2016.12 - Fribourg Soup Festival

9 - 25.12.2016
The Soup festival takes place in the pavilion at the Georges's Python square.

2016.12 - Fribourg St-Nicholas' Musical Rendez-Vous.

St-Nicolas' Musical Rendez-Vous in the Franciscan Monastery and the St-Michael's Church.

2016.12 - Fribourg The magic way to the feast of the Epiphany

17.12.2016 - 04.01.2017
Discover the creation of the famous local artist Hubert Audriaz.

2016.12 - Marly Jean-Tinguely Memorials

28 - 30.12.2016
The 22nd edition of the international tournament of the young hockey players will be held at the ice rink Jean Tingluely in Marly.

2017.02 - Fribourg The traditional Fribourg's Carnival

25 - 28.02.2017
The parade: on Sunday in the old town of Fribourg

2017.03 - Fribourg Chicks Fribourg

Exhibition at the Natural History Museum

2017.03 - Fribourg Fribourg International Film Festival

31.03 - 08.04.2017
The 30th edition of FIFF: Flying the Flag of Freedom!

2017.03 - Fribourg Oldtimer & Teilemarkt

25 - 26.03.2017
42nd international market of vehicles of collection the most important of Switzerland

2017.03 - Fribourg The Magic Mirror

Take a walk in the garden of the Grabensaal in the old town of Fribourg and discover the creations of the well-known fribourgeois Hubert Audriaz.

2017.03 - Fribourg Tour of Lake Pérolles

the Triathlon Fribourg organizes its traditional "Tour of Lake Pérolles" for the 35th consecutive time.

2017.03-Fribourg Piccolos International Tournament of Fribourg

The Piccolos International Tournament of Fribourg has become an inescapable event in the field of Fribourg hockey.

2017.04 - Fribourg Concerts of the Holy Week

13 - 14.04.2017
The concerts of the Holy Week take place every year in Fribourg.

2017.05 - Fribourg La Motta Lido

May - Sept. 2017
La Motta outdoor swimming pool is open from May to September.

2017.05 - Fribourg Le Port de Fribourg

May - September 2017
This summer lay back in the new relaxation zone nearby the river Sarine in the old town of Fribourg, a space with café-restaurant, garden and a stage for concerts!

2017.05 - Fribourg The Dance Party

05 - 07.05.2017
The Dance Festival is held each year in Fribourg and all over Switzerland . Hip Hop, Tango, contemporary dance or folk dances... join the party and choose your style!

2017.05 - Fribourg The Museums' night in Fribourg

Discover and visit various museums of Fribourg during the night.

2017.06 - Fribourg Belluard Bollwerk International

22.06 - 01.07.2017
Belluard Bollwerk International is held every year in early summer in Fribourg.

2017.06 - Fribourg Corpus Christi

In Fribourg, in both the city and the countryside, Corpus Christi is a big celebration. Altars are set up on elaborately decorated altars of repose.

2017.06 - Fribourg Feast and clearance sale of the Romont Street

The feast and clearance sale of the Romont Street take place every year in the beginning of the summer!

2017.06 - Fribourg half marathon Fribourg

The half marathon Fribourg offers an attractive route of 21,1 km for the big satisfaction of the runners!

2017.06 - Fribourg Les 12h de l'Auge

Tandem race in the old Town of Fribourg!

2017.06 - Fribourg Music Day

It is Summer time and the Music Day!

2017.06 - Fribourg The BerGiBike Race

Do not miss the Moutain Bike race of Fribourg! BerGiBike is a race open to all! As every year the race starts in Fribourg and ends in Bulle passing the beautiful Prealps of Fribourg!

2017.06 - Fribourg the feast of Pérolles

09 - 10.06.2017
The feast of Perolles take place every year in June.

2017.06 - Fribourg The Zampata!

06.2017 - A fun run up and down the city's stairs!

2017.07 - Fribourg Les Georges Festival

The festival consists of five music evenings and proposes a big range between pop, rock, song, electronic musics and jazz, presenting local and Swiss groups, but also international names!

2017.07 - Fribourg Open-Air Cinema Fribourg

Enjoy unforgettable evenings with lasting memories in the Belluard-Bollwerk.

2017.08 - Fribourg International Folklore Festival

In August of each year the streets of Fribourg are buzzing with folklore groups from across the globe.

2017.09 - Fribourg Festival of the traditional breweries

The festival of homemade beers invites you to come and taste the beers of the region of Fribourg at the Georges-Python Square!

2017.09 - Fribourg International festival of organ music Fribourg

The 20th international festival of organ music Fribourg


2017.09 - Fribourg The European Heritage Days

Discover the hidden cultural inheritance of Fribourg during the European Heritage Days.

2018.07 - Fribourg International Festival of Sacred Music of Fribourg

International Festival of Sacred Music of Fribourg is one of the important classical music meeting in Switzerland.



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