Major events

2014 - 02 - Fribourg 125 years of the university of Fribourg

February - December 2014
This year 2014, the University of Fribourg celebrates its 125th anniversary!

2014.03 - Fribourg Chicks Fribourg

22.03 - 27.04.2014
Exhibition in the Natural History Museum

2014.04 - Fribourg Concerts of the Holy Week

17 - 18. 04.2014
The concerts of the Holy Week take place every year in Fribourg.

2014.03 - Fribourg Fribourg International Film Festival

21 - 28.03 2015
The Fribourg International Film Festival takes place every year in Fribourg. Its aim is to promote quality films and thus contribute to ensuring cinematographic and cultural diversity in Switzerland as well as throughout Europe.

2014.04 - Fribourg Tour de Romandie

Saturday 3rd of May 2014 the Tour de Romandie will stop in Fribourg for the 4th stage in a loop of 174 km!

2014.05 - Fribourg La Motta Lido

La Motta outdoor swimming pool is open from May until September.

2014.05 - Fribourg Musikantenstadl

For the second time the Musikantenstadl will make halt in Forum Fribourg.

2014.05 - Fribourg The Dance Party

01 - 04.05.2014
The Dance Festival is held each year in Fribourg and all over Switzerland . Hip Hop, Tango, contemporary dance or folk dances... join the party and choose your style!

2014.05 - Fribourg The Museums' night in Fribourg

Discover and visit various museums of Fribourg during the night.

2014.06 - Fribourg Annual Music Festival

It is Summer time and the Music Day!

2014.06 - Fribourg Corpus Christi

In Fribourg, in both the city and the countryside, Corpus Christi is a big celebration. Altars are set up on elaborately decorated altars of repose.

2014.06 - Fribourg Feast and clearance sale of the Rue de Romont

26.06 - 28.06.2014
The feast and clearance sale of the Rue de Romont take place every year at the beginning of the summer!

2014.06 - Fribourg Fribourg-Plage

12.06 - 31.08.2014
Enjoy and relax in this cosy place during the summer! A beach in the city, how amazing!

2014.06 - Fribourg Les 12h de l'Auge

Tandem race in the old Town of Fribourg!

2014.06 - Fribourg The BerGiBike Race

Do not miss the Moutain Bike race of Fribourg! BerGiBike is a race open to all! As every year the race starts in Fribourg and ends in Bulle passing the beautiful Prealps of Fribourg!

2014.06 - Fribourg the feast of Pérolles

13 - 14.06.2014
The feast of Perolles take place every year in June.

2014.06 - Marly Marly Folies

06 - 08.06.2014
Marly Folies is back this year, on the program Yann Lambiel and many other artists!

2014.07 - Fribourg Belluard Bollwerk International

26.06 - 05.07.2014
Belluard Bollwerk International is held every year in early summer in Fribourg.

2014.07 - Fribourg International Festival of Sacred Music of Fribourg

05. - 13.07.2014
International Festival of Sacred Music of Fribourg is one of the important classical music meeting in Switzerland.

2014.07 - Fribourg Open-Air Cinema Fribourg

July - August 2014
Enjoy unforgettable evenings with lasting memories in the Belluard-Bollwerk.

2014.07 - FRIBOURG REGION Les Georges

15 - 20.07.2014
Le festival se compose de cinq soirées de musique et propose un grand éventail entre pop, rock, chanson, musiques électroniques et jazz, présentant des groupes locaux et suisses, mais également des têtes d’affiche internationales.

2014.08 - Fribourg International Folklore Festival

19. - 24.08.2014
In August of each year the streets of Fribourg are buzzing with folklore groups from across the globe.

2014.08 - Fribourg National day

The 1st August feast will take place in the old town, in the area of Neuveville, near the school.

2014.09 - Fribourg Festival of the traditional breweries

The festival of homemade beers invites you to come and taste the beers of the region of Fribourg at the Georges-Python Square!

2014.09 - Fribourg International festival of organ music Fribourg

The 17th international festival of organ music Fribourg


2014.09 - Fribourg Magical Journeys through Fribourg

September-October 2014
In Autumn, the historic old town of Fribourg and the Auge neighbourhood in particular are transformed into a magical world for few weeks.

2014.09 - Fribourg The European Heritage Days

13. - 14.09.2014
Discover the hidden cultural inheritance of Fribourg during the European Heritage Days.

2014.09 - Fribourg The week of Mobility

Different activities will mark the Mobility Week in Fribourg.

2014.10 - Fribourg Fribourg Trade Fair

03 - 12.10.2014
Fribourg Trade Fair presents more than 200 exhibitors from Fribourg

2014.10 - Fribourg International Guitar Festival Fribourg

From guitar to Sitar, discover the guitar with all its facets!
World, classical, experimental, flamenco or folk? let yourselves be tempted!

2014.10 - Fribourg Race Murten-Fribourg

Race which takes place on the first Sunday of October. This great classic brings together around 10'000 participants every year.

2014.10 - Fribourg Retro-Technica

21st technical exchange in Forum Fribourg.

2014.10 Fribourg Fribug

Oct - Dec 2014
The satiric review of Fribourg is back this autumn in Bilboquet!

2014.11 - Corminboeuf bédémania

07 - 09.11.2014
12th international comics festival in Corminboeuf.

2014.11 - Fribourg Better life trade fair

Better life is life! Forum Fribourg.

2014.11 - Fribourg Circus Knie

30.10 - 03.11.2013
It is time again for the Circus! The Circus Knie continues its tour in Switzerland and stops in Fribourg!

2014.11 - Fribourg Festivins

The 15th edition of Festivins the wine trade fair will take place in Givisez.

2014.11 - Fribourg Ponteo

20 - 23.11.2014
Before the inauguration of the Poya Bridge, Fribourg celebrates its bridges with Ponteo, a musical creation !

2014.12 - Fribourg Advent Concerts

December in the Church of Villars-sur-Glâne

2014.12 - Fribourg Fribourg Opera

30.12.2014 - 11.01.2014 
Fribourg Opera is one of the major musical events in Fribourg!

2014.12 - Fribourg Saint Nicholas

Every year during the first weekend of December, the canton of Fribourg honours its patron saint, Saint Nicholas with a special celebration.

2014.12 - Fribourg Soup Festival

The Soup festival takes place in the pavilion at the Georges's Python square.

2014.12 - Fribourg St-Nicolas' Musical Rendez-Vous.

St-Nicolas' Musical Rendez-Vous in the Franciscan Monastery and the St-Michael's Church.

2014.12 - Fribourg The magic way to the feast of the Epiphany

Discover the creation of the famous Fribourg artist Hubert Audriaz.

2014.12 - Marly Jean-Tinguely Memorials

The 21st edition of the international tournament of the young hockey players will take place in December 2014 at the ice rink of Marly.

2015.02 - Fribourg International Dog Show

One of the biggest International Dog Show of Switzerland with more than 4‘000 dogs from all over Europe.

2015.02 - Fribourg The traditional Fribourg's Carnival

13 - 17.02.2015
The parade: on Sunday in the old town of Fribourg

2015.03 - Fribourg Oldtimer & Teilemarkt

21. - 22.03.2015
40th international market of vehicles of collection the most important of Switzerland

2015.03-Fribourg Piccolos International Tournament of Fribourg

The Piccolos International Tournament of Fribourg has become an inescapable event in the field of Fribourg hockey.

2015.06 - Fribourg Lied Festival

The Festival will take place in Fribourg for its 12th edition



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