Fribourg Gustav

Gustav is a Swiss musician and singer from Fribourg. He writes his songs in Swiss dialect (Sensler German), French and Standard German - an allusion to his bilingual home canton of Fribourg and to Switzerland as a multilingual nation.

Fribourg Hubert Audriaz

If you come across a man on a moped in Fribourg, his hair blowing in the wind, it is Hubert Audriaz! This painter has become the symbol and spokesman of the Basse-Ville district of Fribourg as well as that of a spirit and culture known as Bolze.

Fribourg Jean Tinguely

1925-1991. Jean Tinguely, the undisputed master of Art in Movement and an internationally famous artist, has left an indelible trace on Fribourg's artistic heritage.

Fribourg Jo Siffert

On October 24, 1971, Jo Siffert tragically died on the Brands Hatch race track. Born into a modest family from the Basse-Ville district of Fribourg, he succeeded in becoming a racing driver legend.

Fribourg Joseph Deiss

A prominent figure in Fribourg politics, Joseph Deiss represented the canton of Friboug on the Federal Council from 1999 to 2006, first as head of the Foreign Affairs Department, then as head of the Department of the Economy.



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