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Ecuvillens Fribourg regional aerodrome

Fribourg's regional aerodrome in Ecuvillens has a 800 m-long hard runway. It mainly concentrates on training activites and powered flights.

Fribourg Funicular of Fribourg

Everyone in Fribourg knows the funicular as one of the town's curiosities. The line was opened in 1899 and links the town centre to the Basse-Ville (the lower area of the town).

Fribourg little Train of Fribourg

Spend an hour weaving your way through the picturesque spots of the town of Fribourg and immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere of the Old Town with this guided tour.

Fribourg Mini-train rides in the Gottéron valley

Nestled in the Gottéron valley, it is a quiet scenic spot, which is particularly popular among walkers and families seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Fribourg PubliBike

Self-service bicycles in Fribourg!

Fribourg The Public Transport of Fribourg (Tpf)

The "Transports publics fribourgeois" offers extensive transport services across the entire municipal and regional rail and road network.

Fribourg Madie-Autolocation

car rental in Fribourg



  • Fribourg - Vieille Ville
    Fribourg - Vieille Ville


Brochure Fribourg

Brochure Fribourg Tourisme and Region

Regional treasures

discover the surroundings of Fribourg (FR)

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