Rue de la Samaritaine 31
1700 Fribourg

The artisanal chocolate factory selling finest handmade chocolates also proposes chocolate workshop. Become an artisan chocolatier making your own truffles and share this passion for chocolate.

Marianne proposes her little chocolate boutique in the "Basse-Ville" of Fribourg, where she makes pralines, truffles, chips, plates, chocolate creations, macaroons, petit fours and other treats that will for sure enchant you. The products are made with high quality raw materials and a lot of passion.
The chocolate-lover also proposes "chocolate" workshops where she explains the virtues and the secrets of this beautiful product. You can therefore make your own truffles, pralines and feel as a great chocolate maker. To test absolutely!

Schedule Shop:
Tuesday - Friday: from 8 am to 6 pm
Saturday: from 8 am to 4 pm
Sunday and Monday: Closed

Schedule Workshop:
Fridays end of afternoon and Saturdays from 4 pm or upon request

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Rue de la Samaritaine 31
1700 Fribourg

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