Gourmet restaurants in Fribourg

Fribourg is the capital of the art of good eating- just give a glance inside the gourmet-guides!

"Fribourg is a paradise for gourmets," communicates GaultMillau Switzerland. The cuisine has no more secrets for the master chefs of Fribourg! The city has indeed two 18/20 point with Pierre-André Ayer - Le Pérolles and Alain Bächler of Restaurant des Trois Tours. but also two 16 points with Frederik Kondratowicz of L'Hôtel de Ville and Serge Chenaux from the Sauvage.

No fewer than 31 classified restaurants GaultMillau, gastronomic high places, are counted in the region of Fribourg. The city is very proud of the high quality of its 9 classified restaurants. It is a wonderful label for Fribourg!

The gourmet restaurants of Fribourg cook the products of the region and emphazise the local flavours! A delight including as well the specialities of "Bénichon" and cheese dishes!

Bon appétit!

Congratulations to the restaurants members of Fribourg Tourism and classified GaultMillau:

In the city of Fribourg:

Le Pérolles - Pierre-André Ayer - 18 points
Les Trois Tours - Alain Bächler - 18 points
Hôtel de Ville - Frédérik Kondratowicz - 16 points
Au Sauvage - Serge Chenaux - 16 points
L'Aigle Noir - Jean-Marc Rohrbach - 15 points
La Cène - Vincent Grisel - 15 points
Le Beausite - Patrick et Muriel Hauser - 13 points

In the near surroundings of Fribourg:
Düdingen: Zum Ochsen - René + Rita Ducret, Nicolas Ducret - 14 points




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