Games insructions and Holes

A 18 holes golf course in the middle of the city!

The palyers are equipped with an iron GOLF CLUB, a hard foam BALL and a golf course MAP.

The posts consist of a starting point marked by a platform with a blue stake and a flag, with a station numbering plate.

The point of arrival is formed by a hole in the ground and identified by a red stake. These posts are easily recognizable
thanks to the synthetic grass.


The aim of the game is to place the ball in the holes in a minimum of shots. The number of shots has to be written down on the flyer and the final number is calculated at the end of the game in order to know the winning person.

1. Place the ball on the starting carpet point (blue stake) and shoot the ball towards the hole (red stake).

2. Play the ball where it remains, do not move it (except for example): embankment). The goal is to place the ball in the hole with
the least shots (may 7 per hole).

3. A the end of the game totalize the shots. The player with the least shots is the winner.

Hole 1 is located near the Funiculaire (starting point), and the tour ends at the Grand-Places with hole 18 (ending point).

The Urban Golf course is circulate.
The tour is flexible: complete the tour is about 8,5 km, but only 9 or less holes can be played-.


1 Funiculaire
2 Grandes-Rames
3 Pont de St-Jean
4 Maigrauge
5 Chapelle St-Jost
6 Planche-Inférieure
7 Sous le pont du Milieu
8 Derrière-les-Jardins
9 Promenade du Saumon
10 Sous le pont de Zaehringen
11 Ecole des Neigles
12 Place de pique-nique du Grabensaal
13 Eglise des Augustins
14 Esplanade du pont de Zaehringen
15 Place du Marché-aux-Poissons
16 Varis
17 Ancien hôpital des Bourgeois
18 Grand-Places




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