The chapels

Fribourg has many small chapels of the past and most well-know is the Loretokapelle.

The Loreto Chapel:
The baroque chapel (1647-1689), a down-to-size replica of the Santa Casa de Loreto, Italy, towers over the old part of town thus offering a breath-taking view to marvelled visitors.
Closed from November to February
Open from March to October: Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

The Notre Dame de Bourguillon Chapel:
The Marian chapel (1647-1689), a 15th-century pilgrimage shrine, contains a Madonna and Chils from the 14th-century second quarter.

The Pérolles Chapel:
(1520), St. Barthélemy in the name of the Lord. De diesbach. Flamboyant Gothic.

The Original Bourgeois Hospital Chapel

The University chapel:
Alex Cingria, staines glass artist

The St. B?at Chapel:
Located at theentrance of the Gottéron Valley

The Régina Mundi Chapel:
The Marianistes'Seminary, Antoine Claraz'Butler (1958).

The St. Hyacinthe Chapel:
Th Dominican convent (1974-1975)

The Neo-Apostolic Chapel (1973)

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