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The Bern Bridge

The first bridge of the city

Originally, the pont de Berne would have been supported by timber trestles. The bridge as it stands today dates from 1653.
The central stone pillar and deck were replaced in 1853-54,and its roof in 1885.

The three bridges in Fribourg Old Town (Bern, Milieu and St-Jean) all date from the mid-13th century, almost 100 years after the city was founded by Berthold IV of Zähringen (1157). Before the pont de Berne was built, travellers had to cross the Sarine by boat. In those days, the water lapped against the cliffs on which the former Augustine monastery overlooking the car park stands. In 1340, the bridge was sawn down to ward off an attack by encroaching Bernese invaders. The pont de Berne is the last remaining covered bridge in Fribourg.

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