La Motta Lido

La Motta outdoor swimming pool is open during the summer time from May to September.

When it opened in 1923, La Motta Lido was the first open-air swimming pool in Switzerland. Originally built as a wash-house for Fribourg’s workers, its two baths were filled with water from the Sarine river. But in 1940, the city’s population successfully appealed to the Federal Court for the baths to be open to everyone. The lido has still retained many of its original features, such as its red tiles and quaint sky-blue cubicles. La Motta also offers spectacular views of St. Nicholas Cathedral.

Open between May and September

Monday-Friday from 6.45am to 8pm
Saturday from 6.45am to 8pm (or 6pm in bad weather)
Sunday and holidays from 8am to 8pm (or 6pm in bad weather)

SPECIAL OPENING IN THE EVENING: (doors closed at 9.45 pm)
Thursday 21st of June 2018
Saturday 21st of July 2018
Tuesday 21st of August 2018

Entry permitted up to 30 minutes before the closing times given above.

Les Bains de la Motta
Ch. des Bains 8
1700 Fribourg

+41 26 322 38 13

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