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The St. John's Bridge

The Middle Age bridge

The St. John's Bridge (pont de Saint-Jean) dates from shortly before 1259 and was the last bridge to be built in the Old Town of Fribourg. In times past, people wishing to ascend to the upper town took the Stalden. The problem was that this route, the steepest in the city, was less than ideal for travellers transporting heavy loads. So, whether they starting off from the right bank of the Sarine – via the aptly named Karrweg (cart lane) – or from Bourguillon, the pont de Saint-Jean provided them with a convenient gateway to the upper town. Originally, the pont de Saint-Jean would have been a timber-truss bridge with a roof and sidings. In 1746, not long after the construction of the pont du Milieu, the bridge was rebuilt in stone.

Pont de St-Jean
1700 Fribourg

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