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Grey Dragon Hiking : History and Heritage

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Hiking in Corminboeuf (1h40)

Discover the exceptional residences and historic sites of the commune of Corminboeuf. On foot or by bike, you will swallow the 8.1 km from the village centre, leading from Le Bugnon, to Nonan and back through the Swiss village.

The advice: the chapel of Corminboeuf - this chapel, attested in the 13th century, has a Romanesque structure. It features ancient frescoes (St. George, St. Onuphre) and a Virgin with a medieval Child. Great Christ on a cross on a column in front of the altar and Gothic ceiling. Baroque altar with a jovial Saint George on its throne.

Accessible by public transport: yes
Accessible by car: yes
Difference in height: + 6 / -6 m


Administration communale
Route du Centre 25
1720 Corminboeuf

Interactive map available on the website of the municipality of Corminboeuf

Properties of the itinerarie

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