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The "Bénichon" is a century-old, traditional Fribourg celebration.

At the beginning, it was a religious celebration whereby thanks were given to the gods for what had been harvested during the year. Over the years the ceremony's religious side disappeared and the gastronomic and festive side remained. For six hours straight or more, you eat and drink and, if you manage to get on your feet again, dance! And the whole thing according to local tradition.

It’s a privileged moment in the festive calendar of Fribourg, the Benichon is nicely done mix between festivity and taste. It’s also an incredible choice of local products, a come back to the nature and to a family or friend’s meal togetherness. Etymologically, the Benichon is the „blessing“. This event has been celebrated since the 15th century during the parish fair and anniversary celebrations honouring the patron of the church. At the mercy of the patron saints, hardly no Sundays without Benichon. Three days of festivity, with some rhythmic beaks on the dance’s bridges and also some big swings, which are awesome memories of this wonderful celebrating.